Tuesday, 17 March 2009


When i woke up today i was shocked to see bright sunshine and no wind, which could mean only one thing....fishing! I spent a while messing about the house deciding where to go and settled on a local loch that i had decided to concentrate on this season.

The walk out to the loch was glorious, a proper spring day. Imagine my horror then when i arrive at the bankside to find a strong easterly wind, a COLD one at that. I walked down the northern shore, i passed two guys who had been fishing for a few hours and were struggling.

I read that john on the fishing in scotland blog had been here on the opening day and had some success with spinners so i decided to bring along a box of streamers to try out. I rigged up with a silver sparkler on the point and a big ass bushy kate mclaren on a dropper 3ft above. After five minutes of struggling with the wind and a new rod i was into my first ever loch trout, ive always been a freak for running water so i have neglected lochs at least for trout. The wee man was maybe 5oz but i was certainly happy to meet his acquintance, he had hit the sparkler HARD and taken right down, it was easily removed though and he shot off as if nothing had ever happened.

It was maybe a half hour before i bumped off another fish on a slightly bigger sparkler pattern, it certainly felt heavier but i'll never know!

Two of my mates came down to join me for a while and i was quickly into another slightly larger trout of about 1/2lb, i was just happy to prove to my buddies that there were actually fish in the loch :)

That was to be the last of the success for the day but perhaps the most enjoyable part of the session was the last hour as the sun was setting, the sky was a lovely soft pink colour and the wind died right down which inspired many a trout to become airborn. Much to my amazement not one of them looked to be under 2lb!!! Not bad at all for wild browns.

All in all a really nice day out, i've been pretty lucky so far this season. Two trips with five fish between them is a decent tally for this time of the season, hopefully my luck continues tomorrow.................



Pike fly-fishing articles said...

How envious I am Scott. It was still snowing the other day here so no fishing here for at least another 3 weeks.....uhh!

john r said...

Great to hear you had some success.i might have to pop up this sunday again for another session.
i think this is a great local water.its a shame about all the litter.i might just email the local msp tonight and voice my concerns about the litter problem !

dry flies and deadbaits said...

It was snowing here two weeks ago simon, it's amazing how quickly things turn round, it was 12c today!

The dam seems a great water, the rubbish spoils it though. I was disgusted with the mess left lying yesterday. i wonder what exactly it is that our permit money goes towards? its certainly not on maintenance!
Id be perfectly happy if they stopped dumping the rainbows in and spent the cash enforcing all the rules listed on the ticket.

john r said...

i didnt even see a ballif on the open day!!! where did you get your permit?
p.s do you know the name of the local councilor in kilsyth?



dry flies and deadbaits said...

I doubt the "baillifs" actually exist! I got my permit from the tackle shop in cumbernauld, thats where i stay so it was the easiest option.

I think its jean jones? not sure if shes been replaced or not but i know it WAS her.